Here are some facts and statistics about healthcare debt and collections:

Average Recovery Rates

Hospitals:  15.3 percent

Non-Hospitals:  21.8 percent

Uncompensated Care/Bad Debt

$45.9 billion in 2012 for hospitals which is approximately 6.1% of annual expenses to operate the facilities

17.5% gross revenue of uncollectable write-offs, charity care, and bad debt.

Uninsured People 2014 National Health Survey

Ages 18-64 18.4% uninsured

Public Health Plan coverage 17.1%

Private Health Insurance plans 65.6%

Premium changes

Over the last 10 years, average health insurance premiums for family coverage have increased 80%.

2013 census shows annual premiums for families covered by an employer-sponsored health insurance cost $16,351, and individual coverage cost $5,884.

Annual deductibles increased 78% with more than half of small employers (3-199 employees) now have deductibles of $1000 or more.

43% of adults have skipped or delayed seeking healthcare or filling prescriptions due to the rising costs.