Confused and frustrated at high cost medical bills?  Having difficulty understanding claims and what your insurance plan should be doing to cover your services and to help you?  As a consumer, you should ask questions and closely scrutinize your medical bills.  Knowing there are options and steps which can reduce your medical costs can save you alot of money and headaches.  We go the extra mile to help you reduce those stresses.

One of our personal medical bill advocates will work with you and your insurance plan, medical providers, and employer benefit department, to identify potential errors and communicate on your behalf to:

1. Negotiate discounted settlements, especially for those Out-of-Network expenses being balance-billed to you.  Potential savings of up to 50%.

2. Find billing and reimbursement claim errors which should not be your responsibility.  Errors can occur more than 50% of the time, many experts saying as high as 80% of the time.

3. Assist you in setting up affordable payment plan options that fit within your budget.

Most patients believe that health care practices should provide more transparency about the true cost of healthcare to better understand their healthcare expenses and enable them to make decisions of how to be more financially prepared.  Many are beginning to realize this isn't always the case, and the lack of experienced staff in medical practices and insurance companies with knowledge of all plan types to help guide you through the process is troublesome.

Ask our Experts for help.